Jacques Rocque EP

by Jacques Rocque

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released November 18, 2011

Jared Lucas - Mixing, Mastering, Spell Casting



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Jacques Rocque Rochester, Michigan


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Track Name: Dire, Dire Docks
Justin: Well call me a sailor, cause I'm floating away, and I'm drifting away, and you won't see my face at your door, passed out on the floor, or vomit in public and embarrass your friends.

That's me on the water, on my own little island and you won't ever see me again. No I'm not coming back.

Well the moons gotten full, and the tides on the rise, and my heart is the driftwood lost long ago...

and thinking of you is like a shiver of sharks, that gnaw at the wood, and unhinge these nails of whats keeping me together.

J: This salty water has been stained across my lips, and when I move in to forget you, she can taste you in our kiss. But suddenly, I'm struggling to keep my own two feet under me. This water's deep and now I'm swallowing, these same tears that are following, our footprints on the shore.

This salty water!

Some nights I still get seasick, but every night it still makes me sick, that the only reason I rest is my floating body, my hollowed out chest.
Track Name: Calluses and Calendars
I’ve been scraping black tar off your eyelids, exchanging your feelings for silence, waiting for your teeth to clench the moment when you realize what I meant. I’m screaming at the top of my lungs and you’re pleading from the bottom of your heart. And I’ve fallen down before, but I’d never fell apart.

When you find yourself surrounded by the ones you love the most your brain spills out and crams the skull full of those old ghosts. Do they haunt you, like they haunt me? Were you ever really listening to the words that crept through my teeth? I guess I’ll never know. Closed eyes lead to open mouths, and from the inside looking out, it looks a lot like we’re still waiting to start to forget.

The moment you held my hand was the second I held my breath, and the things I miss the most are the things I never said. As your fingers drip down my spine, your breath is apart of mind, but maybe I’m selfish, and you can’t sleep tonight. We scrawl our plans on documents that dissolve into the earth. You can sleep in the city. I will sleep in the dirt.

I can’t remember who I used to be
and I can’t remember who I was trying to be.

...and I can remember, your face that night, body to body your head rested on mine. And I can recall, that you said we'd talk, but we never did, and we never will.

So I’ll cover myself in graphite, wrap your neck in tin, to remind myself that I will be erased again. I’m chewing on the same things I always am and you’re looking for the same things I could never give.
Track Name: The Void of Space

Last night, I saw the stars in your eyes
Last night, I saw them burn out and fade

How do you expect me to carry on,
With a dark sky?

I’ll grab my friends and carry on.